How to pack your sold items

How To Pack Your Sold Items

So you, managed to sell your items and got a load of cash. Nice one! But your work is not done. You need to make sure your items arrive safely and in the same condition you listed it. That means knowing how to pack your sold items. This guide will give you some great tips to not only get your item there in one piece, but also look professional while doing it. 

Selling tips for ebay UK IMPORTANT! The one thing you should remember before anything is that YOU are responsible for the package even during transit.  While its out of your hands, there is lots you can do to ensure safe delivery of your packages. 

  1.  Choose a box or container that’s slightly larger than your item.  This is perfect to be able to cushion and protect the item with bubble wrap and paper. 
  2. Try to use a sturdy 2 walled cardboard box. If your item is especially fragile like a tech item or collectors piece you don’t want to risk getting water damage, crushed or any other method of breakage possible with postal services.  
  3. Make sure to use a tape that has a very strong adhesive.  While it might be tempting to use a cheaper alternative these tend to not stick well. The chance of the box opening in transit is greatly increased.  Try to get a packaging tape that is either clear or brown.  You could also think about using your own packing. (Which leads us to step 4) 
  4. If you are turning your online selling into a business then great! Some quick and easy ways to make your packaging more professional is to purchase a reusable stamp with your logo. You can use computer software to include your logo on the shipping label too! This brings confidence to your store and shows that you take it seriously to your buyers.  
  5. Consider leaving a small thank you card inside the box.  A simple printed thank you card goes a long way to gather loyal customers. It also shows that you value every customer.  You can even leave a discount code to drum up repeat business! 
  6. For irregular shaped items consider using multiple boxes for extra security. This really only works for one off items that you have sold. If it is an item you are regularly selling as part of a business then it may be worth looking for a manufacturer to make a box for your products. While an extra expense it will reduce costs through less returns, less damage in transit and also a huge amount of hours.
  7. If your sending Art prints, posters or other 2d paper media then consider sending them in tubes. This will make sure the item is not bent and arrives in pristine condition!

I hope these tips can be useful to you when thinking about how to pack your sold items. Remember to use our range of calculators to ensure you are getting the most cash for your items after fees. We have already helped thousands of people in the UK save money! Why not read our guide on how to make money selling LEGO? It’s great for some extra cash in these unusual times.